Spanish newspaper Marca

Marca's scathing articleA WAR of words has broken out between the BBC and Spanish sports newspaper Marca.

It began when the BBC published an article accusing Marca of unfairly singling out Welsh footballer Gareth Bale for his role in Real Madrid’s recent poor form.

Spain’s leading football paper had accused him of being ‘lazy’ and not scoring enough goals.

They also accused him of being a ‘loner’ and a ‘waste of money’.

When the BBC defended him Marca responded with a scathing tirade at the highly-respected organisation, titled ‘The BBC’s reprehensiBale smear campaign’.

The article accused the BBC of shoddy journalism, bizarrely then bringing up a cover-up over paedophile presenter Jimmy Savile.

It said: “Marca does not engage in campaigns; it informs readers. Rigorously. Something that apparently can no longer be said of the BBC which, like ITV, seems to be all about drama, ” it added.

The last laugh should ultimately go to Bale himself after he scored both goals in his team’s 2-0 victory of Levante at the weekend.

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