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Head Coach, UNC Women's Soccer

"Playing indoor soccer can be an important platform in the development of the elite youth soccer player. Because of the smaller numbers of players it offers more touches on the ball than the 11v11 game and this is critical for player development. There is very little dead time in an indoor game, the boards keep the ball in play and keep the game moving. This helps create more one v one opportunities for players and helps them become comfortable without time and space. Everyone's goal is to be a great outdoor player and yet at UNC we play one day of indoor every week all winter and spring. If you want to supercharge your development play indoor. It has made a huge difference to our 21 time national championship teams."

Adam Allerton
Academy Director, Baton Rouge Soccer Club

"Providing an opportunity for players to train and play on a "sustained" surface has numerous beneficial qualities that can contribute to a player's accelerated development. From a periodizational aspect, futsal or indoor soccer can act as a cross training activity, which is paramount to a player's athletic development. It can also greatly reduce the risk of injury by utilizing varied muscle groups while others are resting. Due to the quick intermittent bursts of speed, indoor soccer relies heavily on an anaerobic energy system. This creates an " interval training" setting, which is an excellent way for soccer players to condition."

Gordon Jago
Executive Director of the Dr. Pepper Dallas Cup


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